5 Reasons #INeedMeninism for LOLs

Well I don’t need it for Lols; lots of things actually make me laugh. Contrary to the gospel of every faction of anti-feminism, feminists can have a sense of humor. In fact, in face of a society rife with misogyny most of us wouldn’t survive public discourse with out one.

As proof of this claim, I present the following…

But first a little background on Meninism :

At the end of 2014 a bunch of dudes (and some extremely misguided women) took to the internets with a “new” counter movement to all their misconceptions about feminism. Actually, it’s just the same old anti-feminist movement with a shiny new name.

Meninism is based on the ridiculous notion that men and women are oppressed equally, or that men are more oppressed, or that women aren’t oppressed at all… honestly I don’t know what they stand for, only that they stand against what they believe feminism is, and sell ugly T-shirts.

For only $24.99 douchebags everywhere can let the world know how completely uneducated and misinformed they really are.

“Does this T-shirt make me look like a douchebag?”

The “movement” died down at the beginning of 2015 but was making rounds on social media yet again ealier this month—especially on twitter where they are using the hashtag #INeedMeninist and are still just as clueless and LOL worthy as ever.

No one ever said the shirt made you deserving of rape, did they? I mean, is this dude seriously equating feminists telling him he looks like an misogynist in a shirt with “I am a misogynist” basically paraphrased on it with being told that if you wear a skirt too short you’re asking to be raped? Seriously?

Here the top 5 reasons #INeedMeninist makes me LOL:

1. The Origin of the term “Meninist” is actually Feminist
The term “Meninist” first appeared online in early 2001 and was used to describe male feminists. It never really caught on in this sense, as most male feminists opted for the more logical label, “feminist,” but still it’s more than slightly amusing that an anti-feminist movement would choose to use a name earlier associated with the movement they so openly despise.

2. Like all the anti-feminists that came before them, all the problems they are complaining about are ones that feminists are already doing a better job at tackling.
Like gender roles:

Feminists have been advocating women making the first move (if that’s what they want to do, of course) for years. And this may be unusually snarky of me but maybe she isn’t texting him first because she doesn’t want to talk to him. Could that be?

3. They clearly don’t understand what oppression is.

Clue: It’s not when your girlfriend asks you to get off your ass and clean the house with her instead of watching Netflix.

4. They think that feminism is about limiting and insulting other women.

I personally hate cleaning and cooking, and so I don’t completely understand liking these tasks, but don’t think liking them makes anyone weak. I’m a feminist and a stay-at-home mom. I’ve never had a feminist tell me I’m weak or less than because I happen to enjoy taking care of my children. Feminism is about choice. It’s about destroying the pressure to adhere to gender roles, not destroying all the things that were traditionally woman’s work.

5. And lastly, because I’m not sure if it’s actually just satire.

Although I am sure that there are some people who take it seriously, I am not certain that most followers of Meninism aren’t simply mocking men’s rights activists.

Am I really laughing at them, or am I laughing with them? I have no clue. This could be the best community preformed satire I’ve ever watched unfold.


Navarre Overton is the founder of and editor at Raising Revolution. She is a stay-at-home mom, feminist, freelance writer, and student (i.e., she’s busy). You can reach her on Twitter, or email her at navarre@raisingrevolution.com.

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