About Raising Revolution

This is not meant to be your typical parenting blog. Actually, it isn’t meant to be a blog at all. Eventually, I hope this will be a community written manifesto/e-zine.

It’s meant to be honest, but still focus on positivity. This isn’t a place where you will be flooded with stereotypical middle-aged parent angst.

This doesn’t mean we aren’t angry. It’s just that all of our rage is appropriately directed at systems of oppression. Our goal is to take that rage and work toward raising a revolution.

We’re sick of our voices not being heard because we don’t sound like everyone else. Maybe you brought up issues the mainstream didn’t want to hear, or maybe you wrote or spoke in a dialect that is often discriminated against. Either way, we aren’t always heard, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have anything valuable to add to the conversation.

We’re tired of the parenting advice that doesn’t work for us because it is written for parents with privileges we don’t have. It’s not that their advice isn’t at all useful, but parenting advice written by women and men that don’t have to live our daily struggle needs to be adapted to fit our needs. We need to speak our truths and trust that we are authorities on our own realities.

We’re tired of the DIY projects that take too many resources. Parenting “hacks” that require we buy $100 in supplies aren’t “hacks” as much as a hobby for people with expendable income.

We are tired of the so-called “mommy wars” pitting us against each other when we should be working together to create a better world, when we should be showing our kids how to have empathy by trying to understand each other.

We’re tired of hearing all about the middle class problems parents have with their kids. Of course, all parents have complaints about their children. Parenthood isn’t all pretty. It never will be no matter how hard we try. If your biggest complaint is that your toddler sometimes acts like an “asshole,” this isn’t the place for you. We don’t believe that complaints about normal age-appropriate behavior should over-shadow the issues that we can and should change.

Our behavior, politics, patriarchy, racism, and discrimination are only a few examples of the things we can change. Raising Revolution focuses on those things. Let’s turn this into a movement together.