Marie Levey-Pabst

A derivative of  Vegetables at 5?  | CC BY 2.0
I made my transition to being vegan about a year before my son was born. So, for most of my pregnancy I was also in the vegan “honeymoon” phase where I was ready to tell anyone and everyone about all the benefits of a vegan diet, all the reasons why dairy was a huge problem for people (and cows), and why “cage-free” is a gross misnomer. I had faced the common questions such as “where do you get your protein?” “Where do you get your calcium” and of course “how do you live without cheese?” When I first found out I was pregnant I prepared myself for an onslaught of questions about my health, the health of my baby, and general judgments people would have about my vegan pregnancy and raising a vegan child.

Pleasantly Surprised: Raising a vegan family in a non-vegan world