Barriers to Our Best Parenting

One of the only pictures I have of me and my mother. It was taken only a few weeks before she died.
For at least the past ten years Mother's Day has been very emotional for me. It's been at least that long since I've insincerely wished her a Happy Mother's day. I hated having to give a short explanation as to why I didn't get my mom anything for Mother's Day when people would ask. Because our relationship was complicated and could not be explained over small talk.

Remembering my imperfect mother on Mother’s Day

gendered parenting
The question isn't simply whether or not we used gender neutral language but whether the use of 'mom' or 'dad' reinforces gendered parenting roles, making it harder for us to parent, or if it instead help us navigate the realities that gendered parenting expectations have on us.

Gendered Parenting Roles and Language

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  Ojas's Second Official Shoot
Ok, so we can't be 'perfect' moms; we're all human. Most of the time we can only aim to be 'good enough.' But even though trying to be a perfect mom is unattainable it is still important that we understand what factors contribute to less than perfect parenting so that we can find ways to lessen these factors in our own lives and the lives of others.

10 Barriers to being a Perfect Mom