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I’ve been refusing help for over thirty years. It became a habit. My belief that people who wanted to help me were criticizing my ability to do things on my own remained unchallenged until recently. I wonder how much I could’ve grown if I had allowed myself to learn from others all these years.

What Toddler Tantrums Taught Me About Myself

I like to tell people that I’m reconnecting with my son, but that’s not entirely true. It’s been thirteen years. We’ve both become different people. I will never reconnect with the boy I let go. He is not the boy who wanted me to tuck him in at night. He is not the boy who played with dinosaurs at my feet. He was, but not anymore; that boy is gone.

Facing the Future: Connecting with the Son I Let Go

A derivative of  Vegetables at 5?  | CC BY 2.0
I made my transition to being vegan about a year before my son was born. So, for most of my pregnancy I was also in the vegan “honeymoon” phase where I was ready to tell anyone and everyone about all the benefits of a vegan diet, all the reasons why dairy was a huge problem for people (and cows), and why “cage-free” is a gross misnomer. I had faced the common questions such as “where do you get your protein?” “Where do you get your calcium” and of course “how do you live without cheese?” When I first found out I was pregnant I prepared myself for an onslaught of questions about my health, the health of my baby, and general judgments people would have about my vegan pregnancy and raising a vegan child.

Pleasantly Surprised: Raising a vegan family in a non-vegan world