Just as I was feeling like a terrible mom I saw an article titled "10 Ways to Raise Super Perfect Kids Who Will Be Way Better Than You Could Ever Be Because Your Upbringing Sucked!!!!!" in my newsfeed—okay, that probably wasn't the EXACT title but that's how I read it. I clicked the link hoping to get some new tips on how to not completely suck as a parent.

I’m Just Practicing Parenting

ben fields
As a teen I acted in ways I would never act now. I grew and learned appropriate ways of handling other people. I didn’t have the training Deputy Ben Fields had. And still, somehow, I deal with my teens not listening without choking or body slamming them. He should’ve known better. And maybe he did. I can’t help but wonder how he would’ve reacted to me as a teen. Somehow, I think it would’ve been different.

When Authoritarianism Meets Racism

I’ve been refusing help for over thirty years. It became a habit. My belief that people who wanted to help me were criticizing my ability to do things on my own remained unchallenged until recently. I wonder how much I could’ve grown if I had allowed myself to learn from others all these years.

What Toddler Tantrums Taught Me About Myself

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Toddlers are known for screaming, “mine, mine, MINE!” while grasping a toy so tightly you’d have to take their hand off just to get it back, but there is also another side to them. My toddler has actually proven to be more generous than most adults I know (which might not actually say a lot).

7 Things My Toddler Actually Shares