I’ve been refusing help for over thirty years. It became a habit. My belief that people who wanted to help me were criticizing my ability to do things on my own remained unchallenged until recently. I wonder how much I could’ve grown if I had allowed myself to learn from others all these years.

What Toddler Tantrums Taught Me About Myself

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Toddlers are known for screaming, “mine, mine, MINE!” while grasping a toy so tightly you’d have to take their hand off just to get it back, but there is also another side to them. My toddler has actually proven to be more generous than most adults I know (which might not actually say a lot).

7 Things My Toddler Actually Shares

Because I haven't been taking care of myself. I haven't eaten yet. I haven't had my coffee. I'm exhausted. I’m distracted. Because I'm mad at my partner. I feel like I’m doing it all alone. He is gone 18 hours some days. Because I need to poop. Because I can’t stand how dirty I let the house become. Because I’m mad at myself. Because I need a little space, or to be completely alone, or to simply not be touched for 5 minutes.

The real reasons I yell at my toddler

Napping after our walk
“Bap, Bap!” Babygirl is dancing with excitement. She wants to go for a walk in the wrap. She loves being able to look at the trees, birds, and sky while nursing. It’s a part of our routine. Actually it is the only thing in our life that is routine without fail. I’m terrible at living a structured life. I wear her for a walk right before her afternoon nap.

The number one reason I still wear my toddler