On Strong Women

I look forward to a day we don’t put women up on pedestals to admire their strength.

I’m a survivor. We all are. We fight in our own way everyday to survive the various forms of patriarchy we live in, and to make it through despite the many other systems of oppression that intersect. All women are survivors.

And as survivors, we are all strong. It’s no wonder we value strength, looking up to women who seem to embody it in perfection.

We love strong women. We need strong women.

Sometimes we see our own strength in them. They are strong in the same ways we are, or to the same degree, or for the same reasons. But sometimes we see it as absent in ourselves. We want to be strong like them, in all the ways that have served to protect them, their loved ones, and other women. We think to ourselves, “if we were all that strong, or used our strength in those ways, maybe we’d finally win the fight and live in a post-patriarchal world.”

Strength is asset when fighting, for the protection of our bodies, or the gaining of our rights. It is an asset in war.

I look forward to a day when strong women aren’t idolized. When strength is a choice, not a necessity. When it is no longer an asset, because we are no longer at war. When we can just be women, without the walls, without protection, without a fight.



 Navarre Overton is the founder of Raising Revolution. She is a stay-at-home mom, feminist, freelance writer, and student. 



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