@Gnosis Concept Art by Matt Griffin
After writing about The Next MacGyver competition a couple weeks ago and mentioning that I really liked the concept developed by a team of four women called @Gnosis, I had a chance to ask them a few questions regarding their background, advice they have for girls pursuing STEM careers, as well as how the concept for the potential series came to be.

Interview with the Creators of @Gnosis

Well I don’t need it for Lols; lots of things actually make me laugh. Contrary to the gospel of every faction of anti-feminism, feminists can have a sense of humor. In fact, in face of a society rife with misogyny most of us wouldn’t survive public discourse with out one. […]

5 Reasons #INeedMeninism for LOLs

@Gnosis Concept Art by Matt Griffin
Girls need cool female characters they can actually relate to showing them how cool STEM subjects— like engineering— are, not grubby-ass mullet-wearing Richard Dean Anderson whipping shit together with paper clips and rubber bands.

The Next MacGyver Won’t Have a Mullet!

“Trust your instincts” is advice that many women hear during those anxiety-filled first weeks of motherhood. But what happens when your parenting instincts don’t match the type of parent you want to be?

Reprogramming My Parenting Instincts

Sometimes she actually takes a nap.
It’s cool if calling your toddler an asshole helps you make it through the day, there really is no judgement from me. Do what you gotta do to make it through all the irrationality without losing your mind. For me though, negativity is like a Jehovah's witness at the door, if I invite it in it camps out at my dining room table on repeat for what seems like an eternity in hell. It puts me in a super bad mood and ruins my entire day.

I won’t call my toddler an asshole

A derivative of  Vegetables at 5?  | CC BY 2.0
I made my transition to being vegan about a year before my son was born. So, for most of my pregnancy I was also in the vegan “honeymoon” phase where I was ready to tell anyone and everyone about all the benefits of a vegan diet, all the reasons why dairy was a huge problem for people (and cows), and why “cage-free” is a gross misnomer. I had faced the common questions such as “where do you get your protein?” “Where do you get your calcium” and of course “how do you live without cheese?” When I first found out I was pregnant I prepared myself for an onslaught of questions about my health, the health of my baby, and general judgments people would have about my vegan pregnancy and raising a vegan child.

Pleasantly Surprised: Raising a vegan family in a non-vegan world

One of Kristen Bell's tweets.
Where are the dads? Why aren’t they being equally criticized on this front? How often are they seen in public without their children? Aren’t these nannies also employed by them? What are they doing while their children are under a nanny’s watch?

Where are the dads?: On Star’s Mom Report Card

Because I haven't been taking care of myself. I haven't eaten yet. I haven't had my coffee. I'm exhausted. I’m distracted. Because I'm mad at my partner. I feel like I’m doing it all alone. He is gone 18 hours some days. Because I need to poop. Because I can’t stand how dirty I let the house become. Because I’m mad at myself. Because I need a little space, or to be completely alone, or to simply not be touched for 5 minutes.

The real reasons I yell at my toddler