This site is meant to be a place where diverse voices are heard on the topic of parenting. It’s meant to be a supportive place and positive place for all parents. Writers need to be feminists and this needs to be reflected in their writing.

If this sounds like you, read the guidelines below and then send a pitch or completed piece along with your bio to


Posts should be 600-1200 words. I am willing to accept longer if the piece is super engaging.

You can submit unpublished or previously published (syndicated) pieces, as long as you maintain the rights. Please check with the site/s your submission was published on before submitting.

Topics I’m Looking For

Dear mom who … :Compassionate letters to mothers whose parenting practices are different from your own, or who have made mistakes and probably need some understanding.

Calling out mom bashing: Want to write about a public figure, magazine, television show, etc. that has perpetuated the mommy wars? I would love to publish it.

Tips on raising kids for social change: How to instill traits such as empathy and compassion, how to talk to kids about social issues such as racism and sexism, kid friendly activism, etc.

Politics and Parenting: Want to write about parental leave laws,the laws regarding breastfeeding in public, a politician’s stances regarding various family issues? Your piece would fit well here. Just please be aware that writing about discriminatory policy in a favorable light will not be published here.

Self-care and other non-parenting things that make you a better parent: Because parenting isn’t just about our kids.

Narratives: Have you been judged by other moms? Or have you been made to feel included despite differences? What do you love about the choices you’ve made? What do you hate? What has kept you going? Has anything prevented you from parenting the way you really wanted to? A difficult childhood? Poverty? Lack of support? Tell me your story.

Other things you should know

Editing and Revision:
I’m not a prescriptivist when it comes to grammar, feel free to use your own dialect and slang as long as you remain clear. I want this to be a place where diverse voices are able to shine.If your post needs editing or revision for length, clarity, or just to bring more of the story out, I will work with you.I will never post anything you are uncomfortable with.I will never ask for more than one revision.

Author Bio, Links, and Images: You can add up to two links in your post to your own blog. I do not allow links to sponsored post, or posts with affiliate links which are not clearly labeled. The links must be relevant and of value to the reader.

I may link to other relevant posts on my site or popular media.

You can send images along with your post or I can find images for you.

Your bio can include a head shot and social media links, or nothing at all. If the subject matter is sensitive you can remain anonymous.

Rights: You will remain the copyright holder of your work. I ask for exclusive online rights for 30 days after publication, after which you may do what ever you wish with your piece. Your work will remain on Raising Revolution for the entirety of the site’s existence in cyber space. You will sign an electronic agreement stating this on acceptance.

Payment:I can not offer monetary compensation at this time.

Promotion: I promote all posts on the Raising Revolution Facebook page and my personal Twitter account. To be honest, I am still building a following and don’t have many readers, so posting on this site probably won’t convert to a huge increase in readers at your own blog. If you expect a lot of exposure, this is not the place for you. But if you’re passionate about women joining together and helping each other parent for a better world, please submit something and become a part of this growing community.